Engage Them: Self Evaluate

As educators, we have to understand that this is a trying time for our students. Depending on your school district or parental options, students may be sitting in the classroom or in front of a computer. It’s important that teachers do not blame students for disengagement. Rather, self evaluate to see what you can do to extrinsically motivate your students to be engaged.

Today many education preparation programs teach self evaluation. However, if you are like me an 18 year veteran you will have to consider it a best practice and do it because it’s what’s best for your students. Evaluating your practices can be difficult if you are a veteran teacher. Many veteran teachers are department chairs, team leads, and lead teachers. Due to the titles, many feel they are already the expert and do not need to update their practices. Veteran educators often stick to what they have always done, because it has worked in the past.

The problem with sticking to what you have always done, is that students change with time and innovation. As an educator, you have to evaluate your practices with new innovations. Are you digitally literate? Have you read any new academic articles? Have you taken an online course or webinar? Have you researched what experts are saying about strategies that we have always used. It’s okay to continue as a learner in lieu of an expert. Thus, the greatest experts are those who continue to research their craft.

With my heart

Dr. Niki Gordon


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