About Me

Welcome to my site. I am excited for you to get know me professionally. My name is Dr. Niki Gordon.

As an veteran educator, I am passionate about learning and student success. I have chosen a profession that allows me to support teachers as they integrate technology, try new classroom strategies, use data to drive instruction, and seek to better their craft.

I have eighteen years experience as a certified educator. I have fifteen years of experience as an English Language Arts Teacher and seven years of experience as an English Language Arts Department Chair and ELA Cardre Lead. In addition, I have eleven years of experience developing and implementing technology-based solutions in the education setting, and three years of experience as an Instructional Coach. I currently hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Middle Grades Education, a Master of Science degree in Instructional Technology, and a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Education with a specialization in Professional Studies.

It is my passion to facilitate teachers in effectively integrating technology, and research based instructional strategies into their instruction through observation, modeling, and instructional coaching.